Eastern Maine HomeCare

Easter Maine HomeCare

Eastern Maine HomeCare Community Care Team
224 Kennedy Memorial Drive Suite G-1
Waterville, ME

Thanks to a multi-year grant from Maine Quality Counts, Eastern Maine HomeCare is proud to be a designated Community Care Team (CCT).

The primary goal of the CCT is to provide support for the most complex, high risk, high need and/or high cost patients served by the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) & Home Health Sites. The CCT will identify at risk patients whose healthcare needs often come second to basic needs like food, shelter, and transportation.

Referred to as Eastern Maine HomeCare “CCT South”, our CCT Team provides additional community based services to reduce emergency room utilization, re-hospitalizations and support patients to attain their personal health goals.

There is no charge for the program to participants or to the physician practices that contract for the services. “Expanding to the Waterville area was a goal for 2013,” explains Jaime Boyington, LCSW, CCT Coordinator. “We are delighted and grateful to Inland Hospital for donating a much needed work space for our CCT Team!”

All services are confidential and free of charge.
Referrals are made through a patient’s PCP by calling 207-275-2134.

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