Winslow Community Cupboard

The Winslow Congregational Church has launched Winslow Community Cupboard to meet the urgent need of local, food-insecure children and adults.

The new food pantry in Winslow--Winslow Community Cupboard--seeks urgent monetary donations to help us meet the unprecedented surge in need for food assistance.

Can you or your organization please consider a one-time or monthly cash donation?  

As you’ve recently seen on “60 Minutes” and in the pages of the Morning Sentinel and newspapers across the country, local food banks everywhere are struggling to keep up with the staggering new demand for food assistance among our children, seniors, and other adults.

The new food pantry in Winslow—Winslow Community Cupboard—is no exception.

Apr 23, 2020, Anna Quattrucci, the Assistant Director of Operations, told me: “The line was out into the street for hours. So many struggling folks needed assistance that we are now running low on some of the staples we need to help people.”

And this is true even WITH the gracious assistance of the Cupboard’s partner, Good Shepherd.

Could you or your organization find within your heart the kindness to offer a one-time or monthly donation to help us serve others? Your PayPal, credit card, or check donation during the next 2 weeks will be particularly critical, as we all deal with the unprecedented economic challenges brought on by this terrible pandemic.

To donate via PayPal or credit card, please visit the following link and click on the yellow “Donate” button:

Please make checks payable to “Winslow Community Cupboard” and mail to:

Winslow Community Cupboard
12 Lithgow St.
Winslow, ME 04901

Thank you so much for the caring and kindness you’ve shown in the past, and for considering another donation to Winslow Community Cupboard.

For more information, please contact:

At present, scheduled to be open second and fourth Thursdays from 12-3 and 5-7.
In light of the ever changing schedules lately, people can verify times by emailing  and/or visit the "Winslow Community Cupboard" page on the Winslow Congregational Church website here:

UPDATE:     Walk-In Cooler Needed!   Click for more info    

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