Pet Palooza

Are you ready for KBH’s Pet Palooza this May? Kennebec Behavioral Health invites you to join us for our month-long fundraising event. The Pet Palooza is a virtual competition in which KBH staff, community members, and local humane societies enter their pets to compete for votes. Each pet receives its own profile page that reveals information about that animal. Each week, the competition will highlight a different reality tv show parody: Real Housepets of Central Maine, Big Critter, Purrvivor and the Petchelor.

Starting on May 1, 2022, you can cast votes for your favorite pet by making a donation of $1 or more. One dollar equals one vote. Leadership boards will show which pets are in the lead on a weekly basis. On May 31, all the votes will be tallied and the pet with the most votes will receive a prize, sponsored by Loyal Biscuit Co.

KBH is also partnering with local humane societies to highlight their animals available for adoption. Donations made to pets entered by shelters will be split 50/50 between KBH and the humane society. Otherwise, all proceeds will support KBH’s Substance Use Prevention and Intervention Program.

Join us during National Pet Month and Mental Health Awareness Month by casting your vote(s). The Pet Palooza event page can be found at To visit a pet’s profile, simply click on their image and make a vote by donation. To receive updates and see who wins, follow us on our social media platforms.

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