REM Award Honorees (2002) — Judy Hallowell and Mayna Damren (Humane Society Waterville Area)

With operating costs that far exceed its income, the Humane Society Waterville Area is especially dependent on the compassion, time, expertise, and boundless generosity of community volunteers. Volunteers do everything from walking dogs and cuddling cats to planning and preparing for public events, from talking to the public to selling baked goods, from handling adoption activities to providing clerical back-up. In other words, HSWA couldn’t undertake any activities or accomplish any goals without its wonderful volunteers.

Mayna Damren lives in North Belgrade with her husband Dick, their dogs Xanadu and Heidi, and their cats Angel and Ashley. They have three adult children. Mayna has been involved in many charitable events in the Belgrade area and is now helping out at the Humane Society Waterville Area.

“My family has always enjoyed giving a helping hand to any organization or anyone needing help. My husband and son Ricky were volunteer firemen, with Ricky going on to be fire chief for Belgrade for many years.

“Due to the love I have for animals, I really enjoy the Shelter. The people who work at the Shelter are just wonderful. Many hands make any project much easier.”

Judy Hallowell lives in Belgrade with her husband David. They have a dog Bo and two cats, Isabella and Hunter. They have a construction business, keeps her very busy.

“I was asked how I became involved with the Humane Society. To begin with, I was brought up in a family that strongly believed in being volunteers, such as the fire department or to just help when you are needed somewhere. My family happens to love animals so we decided to save our change and give to the Humane Society, dropped it off, and then thought I would like to help more! So, I talked my Mom, Mayna, into going with me to sign up to be a volunteer and it was one of the best things I have ever done!

“It always makes you feel good to make a difference in someone’s life whether it is a human or an animal. It always takes teamwork to have things go smoothly and the crew at the Humane Society really does a great job.

“I truly enjoy the time at the shelter; we have made some valued friendships and the animals are good teachers. They teach us to love unconditionally.”

Judy and Mayna have been invaluable to us. We can always count on them to help wherever they are needed. They do everything from folding laundry, to stuffing envelopes, baking, or helping at fundraisers. We are very grateful to them for all their support and caring. We are happy to recognize this mother daughter team and feel that they are very deserving of this award.

For more information about the Humane Society Waterville Area, please visit its website.

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