REM Award Honorees (2002) — Theresa Fortin (MaineGeneral Medical Center)

Every hospital has its well-wishers, but MaineGeneral Medical Center has something infinitely better. It has well-wishers who translate their thoughts into deeds. They are our volunteers—people sharing one admirable and common bond: to serve those injured and ill and their families and friends.

Each year men, women, and teenagers from all walks of life and every community in the Augusta/Waterville area contribute thousands of hours of voluntary service. Their mission is to help our patients by supplementing the work of the medical center staff. They serve in nearly every department of the hospital from admission to discharge. We encourage you to visit our website, where you can access more information regarding services provided by the medical center and our volunteer program.

Theresa Fortin was born in St. Agatha, Maine. She moved to the Waterville area when she was sixteen. Theresa worked at C.F. Hathaway and Waterville area retail stores. Theresa met and married Auguste Fortin in 1953. They had four children: Karen and Dale, who live in Winslow; Wayne, who lives in Oakland; and Gail, who is deceased. When Theresa is not volunteering here at the medical center, she enjoys crocheting, bingo and traveling.

We have truly been blessed to have Theresa Fortin as one of our volunteers. Theresa has contributed over 3,600 hours of service to the Medical Center since she began volunteering in February of 1996 as a volunteer at the Seton Information Desk and the Auxiliary’s Waterville Gift Shop.

In 1999, Theresa expanded her responsibilities by becoming the volunteer manager for the gift shop. As manager, she is responsible for purchasing, receiving and putting together the beautiful displays found in both Thayer and Seton Gift shops. One morning a week Theresa is still found at the Seton Information Desk greeting patients, family and staff.

We here at the medical center appreciate all the volunteer time that Theresa has given to our organization and to the community as a whole.

For more information about MaineGeneral Medical Center, please visit its website.

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