REM Award Honorees (2003) — Chris McMorrow (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)

Chris McMorrow is just the kind of volunteer that any group would want to have around. He is:

  • Adventurous: As a mountain bike enthusiast, he was not about to give up because there are no mountains around here. He and his friends located and developed trails for mountain bikes throughout the community.
  • Tenacious: Chris does not give up. He may change direction because of a bump in the road, but he always keeps going.
  • Straightforward: If Chris tells you that something is so, then that is how it is.
  • Willing: Sometimes there are jobs that nobody else is willing to do. Chris will do them.
  • Friendly: Anyone who visited his former store, CM Cycle, over the past 20 years would have known that. And he is always pleasant and easy to get along with on any issue that came up around bikes, or trails, or anything else.
  • There when he said he would be: When Chris says he will do something, like clear a trail, or arrange for a ride, he’s there, ready to go.

In short, he is everything that anyone could want in a friend, or volunteer.

For more information about Kennebec Messalonskee Trails, please visit its website.

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