REM Award Honorees (2003) — Craft Group and Doll Factory (MaineGeneral Medical Center)

MaineGeneral Medical Center’s volunteers translate good wishes into good deeds. Each year, men, women and teenage boys and girls from communities throughout the region, contribute thousands of hours of voluntary service. They are dedicated to helping our patients by supplementing the work of the medical center staff and by providing the little extras that brighten patients’ days.

The Craft Group

The Craft Group. (Click photo to enlarge.)

We are blessed to have two groups of ladies at the medical center whose generosity of time and love of what they do have brightened the day of many, young and old. The “craft group” makes more than 1,800 favors a year to dress up patients’ meal trays for the holidays at both the Waterville and Augusta campuses. The “doll factory” makes dolls for younger patients who come to the medical center for both inpatient and outpatient services. On average, they make about 1,100 dolls a year.

We encourage you to visit our website, where you can access more information regarding services provided by the medical center and our volunteer program.

Lucille Bouchard was born in Fort Kent, ME. She is the mother of 7 and grandmother of 12. She is the 2003 Maine Mother of the year. Lucille volunteers with both the craft group and the doll factory. She has been a volunteer at MaineGeneral since 1991 and has logged over 7200 hours.

Aurelie Bourassa was born and brought up in the Winslow area. She worked as a Registered Nurse until she retired in 1982. Aurelie started volunteering in August of 1986 in the gift shop but soon transferred to the craft group and has volunteered over 2000 hours.

Regina Breton was born in Canada and came to the United States at an early age. She has 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. She worked 15 years for the Winslow Credit Union. Regina started volunteering in 1979 and has over 4600 hours. Regina was the 1992 Maine Mother of the year.

Germaine Gilbert worked for Keyes Fibre for 35 years. After retiring she did some traveling and started volunteering at MaineGeneral in 1987. She has put in 2875 hours with the craft group. She also volunteers at the Muskie Center and Inland Gift Shop.

Lucille Levesque was born and brought up in the Waterville area. She worked for C.F. Hathaway for 40 years. Lucille and her husband Sylvio, now deceased had one daughter, also deceased, and 2 grandchildren. Lucille started volunteering with the craft group in 1993 and has put in over 2150 hours.

Jeanette Perro was born and brought up in the Waterville/Winslow area. She and her husband Parker, now deceased, raised 10 children and have 14 grandchildren. Jeanette worked for Maine Central Railroad for 30 years. Jeanette started volunteering with the craft group in 2002 and has 220 hours.

Marie Roy was born in Canada and moved to Winslow as a child. She worked 16 years for the Winslow school lunch program. She and her husband William, now deceased, had 1 child, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Marie has been with the craft group since 1989 and has 2686 hours.

Norma Berryman was born and lived in New Jersey until 1980. Norma started doing crafts when she moved to Maine. She made men’s neckties and ladies’ handbags to sell at craft fairs and in retail shops. In 1992 she brought her talents to MaineGeneral doll factory and has given 1489 hours of her time.

Claudette Carr was born in Monmouth, Maine and moved to Oakland as a child. She worked for Scott Paper Co. in the Human Resource Dept. for 40 years. Claudette loves music and outdoor activities. She has volunteered 785 hours since she began in 1996.

Doris Corbin was born and brought up in the Winslow/Waterville area. She and her husband Fernand owned and operated a chicken farm in Benton for 45 years. Doris joined the doll factory in 1990 and has over 1400 hours. She says “it is rewarding to know that the dolls bring such happiness to the children”.

Georgette Dutil was born and brought up in the Winslow area. She has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. She and her husband Donald reside in Winslow. Georgette volunteered prior to 1987 in different areas before leaving for a few years. She joined the doll factory in 1987and has given over 2360 hours.

Jeanne Fecteau was born in N.B, Canada. She worked briefly at C.F. Hathaway before taking on the job of full time housewife and mother. Jeanne and her husband Aurele have 7 children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Jeanne has helped to make dolls since 1996 and has over 2000 hours.

Mary Gallant grew up in Portland, Maine. Mary and her husband Ovide, now deceased, have 6 children. Mary started volunteering in 1994 as a Eucharistic Minister for Pastoral Services. In 1998, she joined the doll factory and has volunteered over 600 hours.

Alice Gilbert was born in Veazie, Maine. She worked as a hairdresser for 55 years. She and her husband Rev. Bill Gilbert have 4 children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Alice has been with the doll factory since 1987 and has over 2800 hours. She enjoys the “ladies” and likes making children happy.

Dorothy Grindall was born in Canterbury, N.B. and moved to Maine some 40 years ago. She and her husband Ansel have been married 16 years and reside in Winslow. Dorothy had a daughter, now deceased, and 3 sons. Dorothy started volunteering in April of 2000 and has 243 hours.

Nancy Maheu was born and brought up in the Waterville/Winslow area. She worked for Sterns Dept. Store. She and her husband Bob have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She started volunteering in1999 and has over 800 hours. Nancy says, “ We solve all the worlds problems while making our dolls”.

Priscilla McKallip was born and brought up in Winslow. She and her husband Dick have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Priscilla worked for Kennebec Veterinary Service for 31 years. She has volunteered at the medical center since 1974 and has over 850 hours. Priscilla was Maine Mother of the year in 1975.

The ladies of the doll factory. Missing from the photo are Jeanne Fecteau, Doris Pillsbury, and Margaret Sterling.

The ladies of the doll factory. Missing from the photo are Jeanne Fecteau, Doris Pillsbury, and Margaret Sterling. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Eleanor Noel was born in Mattawamkeag and moved to Fairfield when she was 14. She and John, her husband of 50 years, have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Eleanor was a beautician for 42 years. She joined the doll factory in 1985 and has over 2175 hours.

Doris Pillsbury grew up in Winslow and now resides in Waterville. She and her husband Lawrence, now deceased, had 2 children, 2 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Doris has been with the doll factory since 1979 and has volunteered 2675 hours.

Margaret “Peg” Sterling resides in Winslow. Peg is retired from C.F. Hathaway. She started her volunteer duties in July 1985. She was a Surgical Hostess for 10 years. In 1995 she joined the doll factory. Peg has over 1560 hours between these two positions.

Betty Veilleux was born in the Fairfield. She and Kaiser, her husband of 57 years, reside in Fairfield Center. They have 5 children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Betty worked for MaineGeneral Medical Center for 14 years. She joined the doll factory in 2001 and has 525 hours.

Glennis Veilleux was born and raised in Oakland. She and her husband Lucien have been married for 44 years and are the parents of 3 children. Glennis retired from Kennebec Valley Mental Health Ctr. She has been with the doll factory since 2000 and has over 450 hours.

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