REM Award Honorees (2004) — Dorothy Hume (MaineGeneral Medical Center)

MaineGeneral Medical Center’s volunteers translate good wishes into good deeds. Each year, men, women and teenage boys and girls from communities throughout the region contribute thousands of hours of voluntary service. They serve in nearly every department of the hospital from admission to discharge. They are dedicated to helping our patients by supplementing the work of the medical center staff and by providing the little extras that brighten patients’ days.

We have truly been blessed to have Dorothy Hume as one of our volunteers. Her generosity of time and love of what she does has brightened the day of both staff and patients.

Dorothy Hume was born in Seattle, Washington. She moved east when she was very young and settled in suburban Philadelphia. Dorothy worked as a medical secretary and an office manager in a three-surgeon medical practice. One of the surgeons, Dr. H. Alan Hume, became her husband in 1969. Together they raised three children, Alison, Barbara and Alan, and a dog, cat and three goldfish. In 1976 Alan and Dorothy moved to Maine.

In 1988 Dorothy began her volunteer work at MaineGeneral Medical Center in the Mansfield Clinic and shortly thereafter transferred to the Thayer Coffee Shop. Dorothy’s culinary skills at that time were pretty basic, so when asked to contribute baked goods she would make microwave chocolate cakes that were sold in the coffee shop. Since then she has expanded her skills and her cuisine now includes wonderful homemade soups, casseroles, and decadent desserts, which she generously donates to the coffee shop. Everyone looks forward to checking out Dottie’s board to see what special item she has brought in each week.

In addition to volunteering in the coffee shop, she started providing clerical support for the Patient & Guest Relations Department in 1990. Her volunteer duties there include screening incoming calls, the Employee and Physician commendation program, reading incoming patient satisfaction surveys, tallying and recording volunteer hours, staff support for the art committee and much more!

Over the years Dorothy has given over 10,700 hours of service to the medical center. She has shared her time, her talent and the gift of her friendship with us. We have been truly blessed to have her.

When Dorothy is not volunteering at the medical center she enjoys knitting, reading, cooking and taking care of her six dogs: two German Shepherds (Emily and Megan) and four Golden Retrievers (Chloe, Lacey, Colby and Sophie).

Dorothy notes that she would not be receiving this award if she did not have the support of her husband, Alan and the people she volunteers for. They make each day a pleasure for her to volunteer her time at the medical center, she said.

For more information about MaineGeneral Medical Center, please visit its website.

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