REM Award Honorees (2005) — Jeannette Bolduc (Humane Society Waterville Area)

This year’s honoree is Jeannette Bolduc. Jeannette is always ready to assist with our fundraisers and is one of our “mailing ladies”. If she cannot join in at the Shelter she never hesitates to take things home for folding and stuffing often enlisting her husband’s aid. Jeannette has many things on her plate, but she always finds the time to help out.

Jeannette lives in Norridgewock and has been married to Bob for 51 years. They have five children, 3 sons and 2 daughters and 10 grandchildren. Bob, Jeannette, and the children were involved in volunteer ski patrol at Eaton Mountain for over 25 years and managed the Winslow Roller Rink for more than 20. Many “baby boomers” remember the times at the roller rink and the Bolduc family.

Jeannette’s hobbies include scapbooking, quilting, and craft projects. The family is very active and still skis. She is retired, but fills in at Houle’s Plumbing and Heating when needed.

Jeannette has always had Siamese cats and her family has pets also. Jeannette says, “Everyday my son’s dog comes over in the morning and stays until dark, then she goes home, unless she brings her jammies, then she can spend the night”.

We thank the wonderful volunteers who give of their time to help us out. We appreciate each and everyone of them and are very proud to honor Jeannette.

by Paula Rae Mitchell, Executive Director

For more information about the Humane Society Waterville Area, please visit its website.

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