REM Award Honorees (2005) — Mary Ellen Gregory (INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool)

The volunteer of the year “honoree” for Inside Out this year is Mary Ellen Gregory. Mary Ellen has dedicated herself to providing support in a variety of ways. She has taken on the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Whenever volunteers are needed Mary Ellen is there staffing the events and making sure that for all the positions that need to be filled there is someone there to cover.

Mary Ellen’s kind-heartedness extends beyond just being an awesome Volunteer. Whenever the Playground needs items such as paper towels, party plates or anti-bacterial soap Mary Ellen will reach deep and will have the items there sometimes even before I can make the request. After being on board as the new Executive Director for only two weeks, Mary Ellen supported me by coordinating our Benefit Supper. She also spearheads our Teen Group, which assists us in all of our children’s events and programming. Mary Ellen’s volunteer efforts have made it possible for the staff of IOP to focus and do their job more effectively. Her dedication and enthusiasm is what makes a truly spirited volunteer.

Thanks, Mary Ellen, for all your support.

Note: Citing “pressures of trying to stay open coupled with the state of our local economy,” the INSIDEOUT Playground & Preschool closed in November 2009.

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