REM Award Honorees (2005) — Steve Kierstead and Denise Delorie (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)

KMTrails two volunteers to be honored in 2006 have both been associated with Mill Island Park in Fairfield. They are Steve Kierstead and Denise Delorie (photo not available).

Steve was asked to mastermind the development of Mill Island as a park. Before the 1980s it had been a derelict industrial area, purchased by the town. The buildings were razed and the land filled in, but there was a lot to do. Steve got to work by inviting a Unity College team to lay plans for the park, and a University of Maine Farmington team to investigate the industrial history of the island. Then work on the park started in earnest. Grants were obtained for limbing trees damaged in the ice storm, development of the park and trails, interpretive signs, and a toilet. Pike Industries contributed rock crusher dust, which the town spread on new and refurbished trails.

The park is now open and has been the location of many events, arranged by Denise. These include three KMTrails gatherings on National Trails Day. Tents were put up, arrangements made and Move and Improve was invited to bring goodies and gifts for the many walkers. Apart from her role as KMTrails Vice President, Denise is also Fairfield’s Health Coordinator. Expect lots of people out on the trails — you included.

Note: Steve Kierstead passed away suddenly at his Fairfield home on February 4, 2006, a mere three months after receiving his award. He was 85 years old when he died.

For more information about Kennebec Messalonskee Trails, please visit its website.

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