REM Award Honorees (2006) — Barbara Biche (REM)

REM is very proud to honor with the 2006 REM Award the person who makes Dreamers’ Creative Catering such a success. Barbara Biche coordinates a large group of volunteers who call, cook, serve, clean, decorate and hostess for community events at The Center which require food. We have just undertaken the building of a huge new space in The Center to house this work and Barbara has done a great job of designing how it should be built and bringing order to the chaos. She is patient with the volunteers who are all amateurs and particularly appreciate her patience.

Barbara’s husband Don has Alzheimer’s. Barbara brings Don to REM and he sits with her in the kitchen, in the Board room, or wherever she is meeting or working. Sometimes he even joins in the conversation or reacts to a joke or a statement. We appreciate having the opportunity to make Don’s life more interesting and get to know about Alzheimer’s. We like to help Barbara. Shopping is particularly difficult for her because sometimes Don will grab on to and take off with a stranger. Occasionally Barbara will bring Don by REM, and he will spend an hour or two with us.

Barbara has taught us how important it is that we put our relationships before our work. If we aren’t there for each other, we won’t be able to be there for the community. We all travel through life together. Each of us is aware that someday we will need help. We have joined hands and because we have done so, we are not alone and we never will be. We love you Barbara; we’re proud to know you. We appreciate all that you do.

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