REM Award Honorees (2007) — David Livingstone (Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention)

Without the help of our Volunteers, the vital work of Rape Crisis Assistance & Prevention would not exist. It was the generous help of volunteers who founded our agency and it is caring volunteers who help keep us running today. Helpline Volunteer Advocates field hundreds of calls each year. Office Volunteers help with administrative tasks and with many of our Outreach activities. Board Members volunteer many hours each year to help with fundraising, personnel issues, financial oversight, communications, marketing, and other areas as needed. Volunteer Board Members help to guide and to direct the work of RCA&P.

David Livingstone has been a very valuable asset to our Sexual Assault Response Team and outreach efforts at Rape Crisis Assistance & Prevention. He volunteers for the agency as an advocate, supporting people who are dealing with issues surrounding sexual assault. He takes many weekly shifts on the Helpline, allowing us to keep it available 24-Hours a day, every day of the year for those in need. He even takes extra shifts when called in a pinch. He goes above and beyond in all aspects of volunteerism and is consistently dependable and reliable. He also drops by the office often to help with office business or any other needs the agency might have. How much better would this world be if we had more David Livingstones?

Note: Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention closed for good on December 31, 2008.

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