REM Award Honorees (2007) — Jacque Graf (Kennebec Valley Community College)

KVCC is pleased to honor Jacque Graf as our REM Community Volunteer Award recipient for 2007.

According to Linda Clutterbuck, Coordinator of Disability Services:

“Jacque Graf has volunteered as the receptionist in the Marden Center for the past two years. The person at the reception desk has to be able to multi-task as she serves the needs of students and faculty in this busy center. Jacque has shown intelligence, integrity, and initiative in this position. I am always glad when Jacque is behind the desk because I know she can handle any situation. She is cheerful, calm, and tactful in all of her interactions and makes people who come into the Marden Center feel welcome. Jacque was instrumental in creating the electronic inventory system which has made loaning material to students so much more streamlined, and her suggestions have always been thoughtful and welcomed.”

Teresa Smith, Assistant Director of TRiO - Student Support Services, had this to say about Jacque:

“What comes to mind first is that if Jacque has ever had a bad day, I’m not aware of it. She has a delightfully even temperament, and a keen sense of humor. As a worker, she’s a gem. You can ask her to do most anything, and her response is, “No problem!” Her work in the Marden Center and for TRiO is excellent, is creative and shows a real desire to do things well. She is one of those students who has exhibited so much growth while at KVCC. . . . I wish we could keep her around always!”

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