REM Award Honorees (2007) — Susan Spaulding (Waterville Public Library)

Some people quietly do what needs to be done. They do it without complaint, without comment, and without the expectation for recognition. They are reliable, thoughtful, conscientious, and, in a word, wonderful! Susan Spaulding is just such a person.

The Waterville Public Library and the Waterville community are so lucky that Susan chose the library as a beneficiary for her volunteer efforts. The work she does at the WtvlPL is unglamorous but critical to our daily operations. One of the books you are reading was probably processed and prepared for the shelf by Susan. The library materials that come from all over the state for our patrons were probably unpacked for WtvlPL users by Susan. That gracious and kind voice on the phone telling you that your book or DVD or magazine is ready for pick-up was probably Susan’s voice. Susan embodies the phrase “friend of the library.”

When talking about Susan, however, we really want to use the word “family.” She is such a dear and special part of our library workplace! She makes staff parties and gatherings brighter and more fun. When you catch her at the lunch table, you always feel lucky. A day with Susan in the library is a good day.

With a building filled with words, it should be easier to express our appreciation for her. Sometimes, the best words are simple. Thank you, Susan, for all the things you do and all the things you are.

For more information about the Waterville Public Library, please visit its website.

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