REM Award Honorees (2008) — Jackie Dalton (REM)

REM was most fortunate to be awake the day Jackie Dalton came to visit. Jackie came to work on a short project, and we’re delighted to say, has been here almost daily ever since. In slightly more than one year she has given more than 2,000 hours to this community with her work in REM. We know that Jackie also serves as Secretary of Kennebec Messalonskee Trails, works in the Evening Sandwich Program, and is now President of the Friends of the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers.

The skills she brings are invaluable. She knows how a computer works and she knows how to work a computer. The layout of this book is primarily a gift from Jackie. If that was all, it would be enough, but Jackie does much more. Jackie serves on the Board of REM as Vice President, chairs the Poster Team distributing posters throughout the Waterville area for the 51 REM Partners, co-chairs the YuleTide Festival, chairs the Community Yard Sale, works on REMnet, ran a wonderful May Day celebration, and manages much of the day to day life in the REM office.

Jackie is a people person; people love her and enjoy working with her. She remains focused, but can bend like a willow and refocus in a flash. Jackie’s smile lights any room she’s in. When she knows she’s right, she stands up for what she believes. She’s a born leader.

Jackie is new to Maine, moving here from Norfolk, Massachusetts. Maine has a long-standing tradition that would label her as “from away.” One gets the feeling that somehow this means she’s a “second class citizen.” REM would love to eradicate this label forever. It’s to the disadvantage of the entire community to fail to recognize the skills and intelligence of those who have had experiences outside of Maine. It is these experiences that enrich our lives.

REM welcomes the diversity of our people. REM welcomes Jackie Dalton to Maine and honors her, in just one year, with our greatest award. We are fortunate indeed to know you Jackie. With people like you, we will be successful in our dream to create a community where people thrive.

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