REM Award Honorees (2008) — Jackie Riege (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)

Jackie Riege has been volunteering at the shelter for almost a year. She answers phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and she runs the shelter’s Homeless Prevention Program on Fridays.

Jackie is 71, going on 35. She is a retired nurse of 35 years and still holds her license. She has been an ordained minister since 1998. She has traveled a great deal and has volunteered in many capacities. She ran a soup kitchen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She worked in Columbus, Georgia at Valley Rescue Mission, where she was in charge of the transient ladies’ quarters. She was a cook for Star of Hope in Houston, Texas, where she served 250 people daily. When she returned to Maine, she worked at the Emmaus Shelter in Ellsworth, where she supervised the guest quarters. She also ran the food pantry.

Jackie lives in Waterville. She has five children, all who live away. She has nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild on the way!

Jackie says, “I love life, love people, and hope I can continue serving.”

Thank you, Jackie for helping to make a difference at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter!

For more information about the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, please visit its website.

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