REM Award Honorees (2010 – 2011) — Crista Lavenson (Kennebec Montessori School)

Kennebec Montessori School is proud to honor Crista Lavenson. Kennebec Montessori School encourages parents to get involved in the school by giving 20 hours of volunteer time to KMS per year. Crista has donated ten times this amount or more.

Her energy and enthusiasm appear to be boundless. You don't have to ask her to do a job; she is one step ahead, asking what she can do, and before you know it, she is thinking up great ideas of other things that could be done.

She is one of those parents who drives on every field trip; if the classroom has a need, she is right there working to provide a solution. She is that wonderful kind of person who looks right over the problem to the solution. Nothing is impossible for Crista. Even better, she inspires others to get involved with her infectious enthusiasm and can-do attitude.

Crista has also volunteered in the classroom sharing her expertise in calligraphy. As a result, the children learned to master this fascinating skill which bridges art and language and helps the children learn about the invention of writing. What a gift!

In addition to driving on field trips and volunteering in the classroom, she has chaired our Annual Auction now for two years, which has shattered previous fundraising records.

Incredibly generous with both her time and financial resources, she not only commits to doing things, but she makes sure they are done with pizzazz, attending to every detail and going the extra mile, mile after mile!

Thank you, Crista, for enriching the school community with your generosity and enthusiasm.

To learn more about the Kennebec Montessori School, please visit its website.

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