REM Award Honorees (2010 – 2011) — Marie Cormier (REM)

We are very proud to honor our beautiful-inside-and-out 2011 REM Award Winner, Marie Cormier. Her skills are surely abundant!

Marie Cormier is an artist in many ways. She is a wonderful actress. She created Marie Monologues and a Meal and spent countless hours memorizing several monologues for each show.

In 2010, she hosted REM’s Vintage Tea, a dreamy recreation of days gone by featuring lace covered chairs, vintage attire, and a delicious and very stylish tea bringing together mothers, daughters and granddaughters to experience the magic.

Marie is an amazing decorator, both in her lovely home and in all that she has done as chair of the REM Decorating Team, making REM spaces comfortable and exciting for the entire community to enjoy.

Her skills as actress, decorator, hammering handywoman, or member of our Board of Directors do not touch Marie’s essence. Marie exudes style and grace. When she walks into a room all eyes are on her and she shines. Just like a star, she lights up the lives of all those she touches. Her sense of humor brings great joy. Marie is very brave and takes what comes to her. She helps others and is unafraid of deep, time-consuming, sometimes demanding commitment. She’ll sit for a whole day and sew lace onto 80 chairs and work with a bereaved family in Hospice. She keeps her word and gives her all to all she does.

REM is so proud to honor its star for 2011, Marie Cormier. To us, she’s a shining star every day.

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