REM Award Honorees (2013) — Maili Bailey (Universalist Unitarian Church)

We would like to recognize Maili Bailey, Director of the Evening Sandwich Program for the past twenty years, as our REM Award recipient for 2013.

Maili, a member of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville since the early 1990s, lives in Skowhegan with her husband, Iver, and their foster son, Jarid. Maili serves as liaison between local and federal agencies whose goal is the distribution of staple foods in the central Maine area. Additionally, she is the contact person between Colby College, Thomas College, local junior high and high school groups, area churches and interested private citizens who wish to volunteer or donate food.

She can be found in the church kitchen early Tuesday mornings, starting to cook the soup which may feed up to 200 people starting at 4 P.M. An assortment of sandwiches and donated desserts will also be offered.

Maili’s philosophy is, “No questions asked.” Anyone who is hungry can stop by for supper; they will not be asked for their names, incomes or the degree of their needs.

We thank her for her many years of service and her inspiration to do more with less.

To learn more about the Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville, please visit its website.

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