REM Award Honorees (2014) — Nancy Day Clark (REM)

For 19 years, thousands of REM volunteers have worked to build a model based on consensus building. These amazing people are all stars in REM's eyes. But once a year we like to take a moment to focus our telescopes on just one star and celebrate what she or he has brought to us.

This year we take joy in honoring Nancy Day Clark. Nancy has taught us how powerful it is to have someone who is always there, someone you can count on, an artistic eye when you need it, a great proofreader and language resource, a REM presence even when REM’s leaders cannot be.

Nancy never needs a job description; she simply senses what needs to be done and does it. She takes care of those who work daily at REM enabling them to perform better the volunteer roles they have chosen for themselves. If she knows they are supposed to be drinking water for their health, she brings them water. She senses people’s needs and responds to meet them.

One of the nicest parts about working in REM is that there are few rules and expectations. REM welcomes the gifts of time given by all of the volunteers. Nancy welcomes all who come to REM with a smile and an openness that makes people relaxed and glad they came. She makes every day a family day and is always ready to help . . . whatever needs to be done. If there’s not much for her to do, she is perfectly at ease just being there, ready to help when the need for help arises. She doesn’t have to be told or asked; she sees and moves on her own. For REM leaders, this makes work so much easier; leaders can focus on their tasks and know that people who call or visit will have their needs met.

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