REM Award Honorees (2017) — Matthew Crane (REM)

New to REM, Matthew Crane has made a splash, jumping in without hesitations. He has hauled, painted, cleaned, distributed posters, joined several REM Initiatives and agreed to serve on REM's Board. What Matthew says he will do, he does. It is not just what he does that we value…but who he is. Matthew is a man of character. He is honest, caring, sensitive to the feelings of others, polite, gentle and kind. He's also a poet and an artist.

Matthew has had difficulties in his life with trauma, addiction, mental illness, and a criminal record that he continues to confront and recover from on a daily basis. It is good to know that Matthew is using his past experiences to help him develop into the character of man he strives to be.

We at REM feel most fortunate to have Matthew's help. We also enjoy knowing that our trust and support of him makes a positive influence in his life. Matthew is a student at Thomas College, participates in several community events, has moved to Madison, and still finds a way to serve REM on a weekly basis.

It is with deep affection and gratitude that we honor Matthew Crane with the 2017 REM Award!

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