REM Award Honorees (2018) — Ellen Cihiwskey and Lynn Ware (Fairfield United Methodist Church)

The Fairfield United Methodist Church has nominated for volunteer of the year both Ellen Cihiwskey and Lynn Ware. They play a huge part in our children’s program and have for over 25 years.

Ellen has served as the Sunday School Superintendent for at least ten years. In this capacity, she plans special programs that the children present each Christmas and Easter, as well as monthly presentations by the children’s bell choir which she started about eight years ago. She also makes sure materials are ordered for both the adult and children’s Sunday School programs.

Ellen’s dream was to have an adult bell choir and about two years ago a generous benefactor donated the funds to purchase not only the bells but all the other items needed to start the bell choir. Ellen now leads that group as well. This is only a small part of what Ellen does in the church.

Lynn has been involved in the Sunday School program for at least 25 years. For a few years she served as the Sunday School Superintendent, but her real love is in teaching the children. She began by teaching the fifth and sixth grade class, but was able to change to the preschool class, which is where her heart was.

With the decrease in the number of children attending Sunday School she has been teaching all ages together the past four years. The current group of children ranges from 6 to 14 years old. Over the years Lynn has also served the church in many other capacities most notably by preparing the church bulletin each week for about 10 years.

Ellen and Lynn are faithful servers for our church and as new members of REM, we want to celebrate their unconditional love of our Lord and their selfless service to others.

For more information about the Fairfield United Methodist Church, please visit its website.

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