REM Craft fair

Sep 4, 2016 by

Hope you enjoyed the 2016 REM Craft Fair.  Many thanks to those who attended and supported the Maine crafters. Link to REM Craft Fair page for more info....

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KVCAP: Community Investors Initiative...

Jul 3, 2016 by

Hello! Thank you for considering joining the Community Investors Initiative, which is hosted by The Poverty Action Coalition. The Poverty Action Coalition is a local group of people who came together to alleviate poverty, and the Community Investors Initiative is our first major project. Community Investors are people like you who are willing to receive weekly e-mails people in need. The people we feature in our e-mails have shown that they are facing a specific barrier to maintaining their current quality of life or moving out of poverty. Every request we send out is reviewed by the Community Investors Committee to insure that all other resources have been explored before we ask you for help. This is in line with our belief that investing in our most vulnerable community members makes the entire community stronger. When we began this initiative in March...

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