REM Award Honorees (2012) — Sandra Stevens (Inland Hospital)

It’s not easy for all of us naturally to help others before thinking about ourselves. But it is easy for Sandra Stevens, who simply appears to be wired that way. That’s why Inland Hospital has chosen her as its Volunteer of the Year.

For two years, Sandra has been a cheerful, helpful volunteer in Inland’s front lobby and gift shop. Her smile is infectious and her warm, positive attitude is comforting, especially if you’re entering the hospital for a test or procedure. She genuinely cares about every person, and you can feel it.

Sandra started volunteering long before she retired in 2003 as New England District Manager for the Corning Revere Factory Stores. She helps out at her church, at the local Hospice, and at the Waterville Opera House. After her parents were patients at Lakewood Continuing Care Center, she joined Lakewood’s board of directors to share her family perspective. While she has retired from the board, she still assists with Lakewood’s May Day Auction which raises funds for a coastal summer vacation for dementia residents. But Inland is where she says she has found a new volunteer calling.

“Being a volunteer at Inland has added a new dimension and balance to my life,” says Sandra. “The benefits are endless — interacting and helping patients and staff, making new friends, and being part of the events that help our community become healthier, like the Women’s Wellness health fair — it’s just an honor to be involved. But the best part is the good feeling I get when I give back to the community.”

Sandra hopes she is an example for others to “pay it forward” with all of the blessings in their lives.

For more information about Inland Hospital, please visit its website.

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