REM Award Honorees (2015) — Diane Louten (REM)

REM is proud to honor Diane Louten as its REM Award Honoree for 2015. REM volunteers represent the full diversity of the human experience. Diane is often quiet in a group session. She’s a great listener and in her mind the creative juices are flowing. Without anyone’s noticing, she’ll create a lovely front window that shows she has been collecting just the right items for some time to display the message of that window . . . celebrating the REM Award, marking the holiday, catching the eye of all who enter The Center.

Diane co-chairs the Decorating Team and REM Crafting Klatch, a group of experienced crafters coupled with people who just love crafting. Just recently REM has acquired a crafting room, a place where REM can work to build the items needed to decorate for a REM event (e.g. a Vintage Tea, a REM Craft Fair, a wedding, or a dinner) or simply to improve REM spaces for all who use them.

Diane is a worker. She’s strong and does what needs to be done . . . never complaining. Few understand that even simple movements are painful for her. Diane values every day and every moment. She knows more about what is going on in our community than most people and has done them all. She takes care of her family, especially her Mom, June, in the most beautiful way, taking her everywhere and making her life so very rich. And still she makes time to volunteer. Quiet. Diligent. And best of all, smiling and laughing every step of the way. Working or playing side-by-side with Diane Louten is always, no matter the task, a joyful experience.

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