REM Award Honorees (2015) — Elery Keene (Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition)

Sustain Mid Maine Coalition owes its creation to a conversation in 2007 between Doug Carnrick and Elery Keene about their shared concerns about climate change. They formed a group of acquaintances to find a way to work together to try to do something about it. It was decided to employ a Colby College student to do an inventory of buildings owned by the City of Waterville and suggest strategies to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used for operating and heating.

Based on a suggestion by Sally Harwood, they hired Mike Kelly to do a three day “Catalyst” to focus on sustainability. This gathering led to formation of Sustain Mid Maine Coalition, a grassroots, non-profit organization that encourages projects to be done by residents and businesses to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air locally, thereby reducing a principal cause of climate change.

Elery is a member of the Board of Directors of Sustain Mid Maine Coalition. Additionally, Elery attends most meetings of each of the current seven teams. Since each team meets approximately two hours a month, his commitment to Sustain Mid Maine Coalition takes many, many hours. Team leaders rely on Elery’s expert knowledge for guidance when deciding on projects.

In 2013, the Public Policy Team was formed to follow actions related to climate change and alternate energy at the state legislature and with other elected officials. Elery is a co-chair for this team.

Sustain Mid Maine Coalition is pleased to honor Elery Keene as one of its most valuable volunteers.

For more information about the Sustain Mid Maine Coalition, please visit its website.

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