REM Award Honorees (2019) — Rick Bryant (REM)

Sometimes people you know and have admired for years find REM and come to build community with us. That's a very exciting moment...full of promise. Rick Bryant has long served our community in a myriad of ways. He has helped many businesses grow by sharing his computer and IT knowledge. He knows everyone in town and gives much...probably too much...of his time helping area nonprofits grow as well.

When Rick joined REM, he jumped right in...beginning by joining the Board of Directors. He then tackled problems we had been unable to solve. Moving REM from spaces on three floors in a very large building to a much smaller place has been a huge challenge for our REM community. Many people have helped and still are heping. Rick brought a huge trailer, which he uses to transport snowmobiles, loaded it up and moved it all to a local storage area to wait for a summer yard sale. When we were unable to finish walls and floors, he built them. He framed, sheetrocked, mudded, sanded, painted, and laid floor underlayment.

When Bangor Savings Bank gave us three very large TV's, Rick managed to attach them to a solid concrete wall. He then showed us wonderful ways we could use them. He video taped group discussions and great presentations, making them available on our website to those unable to be present for the original event. When we needed to build back our space rental service, he called weekly meetings at 7:30 in the morning and designed an online registration computer program. When we planned our Dinner IN the Pool Party, he added features that doubled the appeal of the event.

Rick is young. The year set for our Mid-Maine Strategic Vision for the Year 2020 is coming soon. Our goal is to create a community where people thrive. We need young people to carry that vision forward. It is they who will live in that world. Having young men and women like Rick involved in building that future is very good news for our community.

Congratulations to Rick Bryant, our REM Award Honoree for 2019!

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