REM Award Honorees

(Except in 2003 and 2021, all awards presentations have been held at the Waterville Opera House, 1 Common Street, Waterville.)

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(Awards presented to honorees individually in private ceremonies, Friday, November 12 – Sunday, November 14, 2021.)

Lynn Soucy (BPW/Futurama Foundation)
Marc Veilleux (Fairfield United Methodist Church)
Bonnie Krause (Humane Society Waterville Area)
Linette Gamache (Maine Children's Home)
Jim Moore (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Kelly Rancourt (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Amy Harrington (REM)


(No awards presented, due to COVID-19 pandemic.)


(Awards presented Friday, May 24, 2019)

Phyllis Rand (American Red Cross)
Don Belgard, Butch Poissonnier, and Marlene Myers (Fairfield United Methodist Church)
Sonya Houle (Hospice Volunteers)
Cliff Manchester (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Sandy Myers and Jonathan Rogers (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter & Services)
Fay Perham (Northern Light Continuing Care Lakewood)
Connie Winship (Northern Light Inland Hospital)
Sharon Saunders (PFLAG Waterville)
Rick Bryant (REM)
Theresa Macklin (United Way of Mid-Maine)


(Awards presented Saturday, April 21, 2018)

Steve Cilley (Alfond Youth Center)
Lorraine Bernier (American Red Cross)
Devlin Geisler (Children’s Discovery Museum)
Ellen Cihiwsky and Lynn Ware (Fairfield United Methodist Church)
Nick Pattison (Hospice Volunteers)
Neal Caron (Inland Hospital)
Marilyn Hall (Kotlas Connection)
Betty Ferland (Lakewood Continuing Care)
Jean Sawyer (Maine Children's Home)
David Witham (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Jill Gilbert and Phyliss Pooler (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Katie Taylor (PFLAG Waterville)
Sheila Bacon (REM)
Darlene Ratte (United Way of Mid-Maine)


(Awards presented Friday, April 28, 2017)

Reach & Rise Mentors (Alfond Youth Center)
Diane Wright (Hospice Volunteers)
Margo Beach (Inland Hospital)
Mark Fisher (Kotlas Connection)
Elise Roy-Hobbs (Lakewood Continuing Care)
Buddy and Punky Giggey (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Brian Watson and David Libby (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Matthew Crane (REM)
Cheryl Flewelling (United Way of Mid-Maine)
Eric Ewing (Waterville Creates!)


(Awards presented Saturday, April 23, 2016)

Fran Purnell (Alfond Youth Center)
Maxine Michaud (American Lung Association)
Cassidy Charette (Big Brothers Big Sisters)
Sally Ann Parks (BPW/Maine Futurama Foundation)
Jackie Reny (Hospice Volunteers)
Rona Backstrom (Inland Hospital)
Martha Patterson (Kotlas Connection)
Janna Townsend (Literacy Volunteers)
Judy Johnston, Mark Johnston, and Elena Vayanos (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
The Przytulski Family (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Charlie Kelly (PFLAG Waterville)
Connie Napolitano (REM)
Daniel Burgess (United Way of Mid-Maine)


(Awards presented Sunday, March 15, 2015)

Mary Lockhart (Inland Hospital)
Margaret Gayne (Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers)
Joe Fossett and Pierrette Ayotte (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Diane and Julian Bechard (National Alliance on Mental Illness – Mid Maine)
Diane Louten (REM)
Elery Keene (Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition)
Debbie Byrne (United Way of Mid-Maine)
Sandra Hammond (Waterville Food Bank)


(Awards presented Sunday, March 23, 2014)

David Perry (Alfond Youth Center)
Edward Miller (American Lung Association)
Florence Donovan (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Ammie Breton (Inland Hospital)
Shasta Pelotte (Kennebec Montessori School)
Destiny Demo (Maine Children's Home For Little Wanderers)
Suzanne Baker and Elizabeth Whittier (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Jake Smith and Nancy Wilson (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Nancy Day Clark (REM)
Susan Sinclair (Ripple Effect Project)
Ryan Poirier (Special Posthumous Award)


(Awards presented Sunday, April 23, 2013)

Bert Languet (Alfond Youth Center)
Marie LeClair (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Jim Mathieu and Roger Smith (Inland Hospital)
Peter Garrett (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Patricia Begin and Deborah Hicks (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Marlene Myers and Martha Dempski (REM)
Lucille Larsen (Spectrum Generations)
Maili Bailey (Universalist Unitarian Church)


(Awards presented Saturday, June 2, 2012)

Bill Atchison (Alfond Youth Center)
Amelia Remillard (Hardy Girls Healthy Women)
Karen Gilman and Louise Baker (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Sandra Stevens (Inland Hospital)
Susan Jackson (Kennebec Montessori School)
Kenneth Green (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Dave Mellott (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Jean Sawyer (REM)
Scott Vanderveer (Spectrum Generations)

2010 – 2011

(Awards presented Saturday, January 15, 2011)

Ray Haskell (Alfond Youth Center)
Robert Verrill (Big Brothers Big Sisters)
Mackenzie Riley (Hardy Girls Healthy Women)
Monty Henderson (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Betty Martin (Inland Hospital)
Carol Welch (Kennebec Behavioral Health)
Bob Morrissette and Gene Roy (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Crista Lavenson (Kennebec Montessori School)
Carl Daiker (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Pam Wentworth (Maine Children's Home For Little Wanderers)
Sheila Malone (Mid Maine TimeBank)
Marie Cormier (REM)
Reginald Perry (United Way of Mid-Maine)


(Awards presented Saturday, November 14, 2009)

Five Volunteers (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Gary Taylor (Inland Hospital)
Ellen Wells (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Yvonne Batson (Kennebec Montessori School)
Herb Foster (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Alma-Lea Pace (Maine Dance Teachers Club)
Mark Holt (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Ron Woodbrey (REM)
Myra Chaloult (Waterville Business and Professional Women)


(Awards presented Thursday, October 23, 2008)

Cleveland Brown (Alfond Youth Center)
Penny Laplante (Inland Hospital)
Jeff Melanson (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Kim Nashed (Maine Children's Home For Little Wanderers)
Morita Tapley (Maine Dance Teachers Club)
Jackie Riege (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Jackie Dalton (REM)
Mary A. Hammond (Waterville Business and Professional Women)


(Awards presented Saturday, November 3, 2007)

Meg Wickes (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Eric Chamberlain (Inland Hospital)
Rene Burdet (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Jacque Graf (Kennebec Valley Community College)
Gregor Smith (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Eleanor Douglas (Maine Dance Teachers Club)
Kelly Giles (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
David Livingstone (Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention)
Gregor Smith (REM)
Susan Spaulding (Waterville Public Library)


(Awards presented Saturday, November 11, 2006)

Marlene Myers (Catholic Charities of Maine)
Ken Quirion (Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area)
Arne Springorum (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Colby South End Coalition (Colby College)
Jack and Pauline Mayhew (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Sandy Sanzaro (Maine Dance Teachers Club)
Ed Robeau and Panda (Inland Hospital)
Gary Poulin (Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce)
Armand Bilodeau (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Sandra Hammond (Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention)
Barbara Biche (REM)
Sally Ann Parks (Waterville Business and Professional Women)
Gary Poulin (Waterville Main Street)


(Awards presented Saturday, November 5, 2005)

Todd Winship (Catholic Charities of Maine)
Jeannette Bolduc (Humane Society Waterville Area)
Judy Couture (Inland Hospital)
Mary Ellen Gregory (INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool)
Steve Kierstead and Denise Delorie (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Wanda K. Smith (Kennebec Valley Community College)
Phil Gonyar (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Maureen Morison (Maine Dance Teachers Club)
Lisa Marroquin (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Beatrice Dubord, On Behalf of All MaineGeneral Volunteers
Marilyn Ladd (REM)
Jeanne Hammond (Waterville Business and Professional Women)
Faye and Jim Nicholson (Special Award)


(Awards presented Saturday, October 16, 2004)

Gina Boudreau (American Red Cross)
Lisa Marraché (Center for Heritage Language Reacquisition, Penobscot School)
Joette Marks (Humane Society Waterville Area)
Gift Shop Staff (Inland Hospital)
Heather Baker (INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool)
Trailside Landowners (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Dorothy Hume (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Brad Adams (Maine Dance Teachers Club)
Charles Rumsey (Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention)
Rita Low (REM)
Peter Lyford (Waterville Main Street)


(Awards presented Sunday, November 23, 2003, at the Williamson Performing Arts Center, Lawrence High School, Fairfield)

Betty Spaulding (Humane Society Waterville Area)
Karen Bakal (Inland Hospital)
Shannon Courtois (INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool)
Chris McMorrow (Kennebec Messalonskee Trails)
Mary Coombs (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Craft Group and Doll Factory (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Amy Bailey (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Karen DeRosby (Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention)
Lisa Christensen (REM)
Sue Cottle (Salvation Army)
Dorothy Bickford (Voice For Animals, Waterville and Winslow Chapter)
Kathy Corey (Waterville Business and Professional Women)
Bridget Hallee Campbell (Waterville Main Street)
Walter Simcock (Community Angel Award)
Richard Russo (Community Catalyst Award)


(Awards presented Saturday, October 12, 2002)

Megan Gossling (Colby College)
Judy Hallowell and Mayna Damren (Humane Society Waterville Area)
Richard Delaware (Inland Hospital)
Sheila McCarthy (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Kathleen Camann (Literacy Volunteers - Waterville)
Theresa Fortin (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Nicole Etchie (Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce)
Jill Gilbert (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Dona Thebarge (Rape Crisis Assistance and Prevention)
Dan DesRosiers (REM)
Donna Farnham (Waterville Business and Professional Women)
Deanne Lehner (Waterville Opera House)


(Awards presented Saturday, October 20, 2001)

Lore Wing (American Red Cross)
Nina MacDonald and Ellen Treadwell (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kennebec Valley)
Harvey DeVane (Delta Ambulance)
Larry Mitchell (Humane Society Waterville Area)
Michael MacKenzie (Inland Hospital)
Ann Davis (Kennebec Valley Technical College)
Natalia Kempers (Kotlas - Waterville Area Sister City Connection)
Francis Loisel (MaineGeneral Medical Center)
Anita Cabana (Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce)
Kenneth Quirion (Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter)
Linda Richards (REM)
Thelma Eye Brooks (Maine Genealogical Society, Taconnett Falls Chapter)
Diane Cosseboom (Waterville Business and Professional Women)
Susan Palumbo (Waterville Opera House)
Gary Hammond (Waterville Rotary Club)

1998 – 2000

(No awards presented)


(Award presented Friday, October 3, 1997)
Mary Morrison


(Award presented Friday, October 4, 1996)
Al Corey

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